multi bag filter housing

Multi Bag Filter Housing Stainless Steel 304/ 316 Bag Filter Vessels 

  • Efficiently handles large liquid volumes.
  • Suitable for various applications.
  • Removes particles of different sizes.
  • Constructed from robust materials.
  • Convenient bag replacement.
  • Maximizes filtration in minimal space.

As a manufacturer, Lvyuan specializes in producing multi-bag filter housings tailored for industrial applications. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, our products boast excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The multi-bag design enhances filtration efficiency, ideal for handling high-flow liquids. With a compact structure, our filters save space and are easy to install and maintain. Furthermore, we offer customization services to meet specific filtration requirements. Feel free to contact us and let us be your trusted partner, providing premium filtration solutions.

  • Surface treatment: Mirror polishing / sandblasting
  • Design pressure1.0Mpa
  • Maximum operating temperature: 150°C
  • Material: SS304/SS316L
  • Connection mode: flange

multi bag liquid filter housing

    Lvyuan: Professional Stainless Steel Multi Bag Filter Housing Manufacturer

    Hand operated quick opening multi bag filter housing features

    • Hand wheel hoop quick opening design ring clam opening design.
    • The filter switch does not need 30seconds at a time.
    • Fast, safe, simple, efficient and high productivity.
    • lt is suitable for the process of high flowand frequent replacement of filter bags.
    • The side entry and low exit design ensuresthat the liquid can be completely dischargedand reduces the tangent of the height.
    multi bag filter housings

    Rocker multi bag filter housing features

    • Simple and easy-to-use sealing operationto minimize shutdown time.
    • The filter switch mechanism adopts the rocker arm design approved by the industry, which is safe and reliable.
    • The design of side inlet and bottom outletensures that the liquid can be completelydischarged and reduces the tangent of the

    It can be customized according to your requirements

    NameReference FlowIn & Out optionsHousing body specFilter bagsDesign pressureWorking pressure
    2 bags40-100 T/HDN80-DN125MEDIUM 460*1530*3MM2#121.0MPA0.6MPA
    3 bags60-150 T/HDN100-DN150MEDIUM 510*1530*3MM2#131.0MPA0.6MPA
    4 bags80-200 T/HDN100-DN150MEDIUM 610*1530*4MM2#141.0MPA0.6MPA
    5 bags100-250 T/HDN100-DN150MEDIUM 660*1530*4MM2#151.0MPA0.6MPA
    6 bags120-300 T/HDN100-DN150MEDIUM710*1530*5MM2#161.0MPA0.6MPA
    8 bags160-400 T/HDN150-DN250MEDIUM 810*1530*5MM2#181.0MPA0.6MPA
    10 bags200-500T/HDN150-DN250MEDIUM 960*1530*5MM2#1101.0MPA0.6MPA
    12 bags200-500T/HDN150-DN300MEDIUM 1110*1530*6MM2#1121.0MPA0.6MPA

    How to install a multi bag filter housing :

    1. Preparation: Ensure you have all necessary tools and equipment, including wrenches, gaskets, and filter bags.
    2. Location: Select a suitable location for installation, preferably near the process line to minimize piping requirements.
    3. Mounting: Securely mount the filter housing to a stable surface using bolts or brackets, ensuring it is level and properly aligned.
    4. Piping: Connect the inlet and outlet pipes to the corresponding ports on the filter housing, ensuring a tight seal using appropriate fittings and gaskets.
    5. Bag Installation: Open the housing lid and carefully insert the filter bags into their respective baskets, ensuring they are properly seated and aligned.
    6. Closure: Close and secure the housing lid, ensuring it is tightly sealed to prevent leaks during operation.
    7. Testing: Conduct a pressure test and check for any leaks or abnormalities before putting the filter into service.
    8. Startup: Start the flow of liquid through the filter housing and monitor for proper operation, adjusting as necessary.
    9. Maintenance: Regularly inspect and clean the filter bags, replace as needed, and perform routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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