#2 bag filter housing

#1 #2 Bag Filter Housing 304 316L Bag Liquid Filter Housing DN50 40T/H

  • High-quality stainless steel 304 or 316
  • Single-bag filters feature superior sealing for absolute tightness and strong pressure resistance.
  • Widely applicable and flexibly installable.
  • Inner surface can be coated with fluorine lining for corrosion resistance, meeting the requirements of strong acids and alkalis.
  • Available in jacketed structure to meet the needs of insulation filtration.
  • Complete specifications with a variety of rubber sealing rings available, adaptable to different chemical materials.

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    2 Bag Filter Housing Classification:

    Flow Rate:

    Low Flow: Designed for applications with lower flow rates, typically up to 90 GPM (gallons per minute).
    High Flow: Capable of handling higher flow rates, ranging from 90 GPM to several hundred GPM, depending on the application and filter media used.

    Pressure Rating:

    Standard Pressure: Suitable for most applications with typical operating pressures up to 150 psi (10 bar).
    High Pressure: Designed for high-pressure applications, with ratings exceeding 150 psi, often used in industrial and process environments.

    Connection Type:

    Threaded Connections:  Common in smaller systems and lower pressure applications, easy to install and maintain.
    Flanged Connections: Preferred for larger systems and higher pressure applications, providing a robust and leak-proof connection.
    Clamp or Quick-Release Connections: Allow for easy access and maintenance, ideal for applications requiring frequent filter changes.

    Bag Size:

    Size #1 bags: Typically 7 inches in diameter and 16 inches long, used for moderate flow and capacity applications.
    Size #2 bags Typically 7 inches in diameter and 32 inches long, offering larger surface area and higher dirt-holding capacity.


    Water Treatment: Used in municipal, industrial, and commercial water filtration systems.
    Food and Beverage: Ensures the purity of liquids in the production of food and beverages.
    Chemical Processing: Filters aggressive chemicals and solvents.
    Oil and Gas: Used for filtering impurities in oil, gas, and petrochemical processes.
    Pharmaceuticals: Ensures high purity and quality in drug manufacturing and other pharmaceutical processes.

    Installation Type:

    Vertical Installation: Commonly used configuration for easy access and space-saving.
    Horizontal Installation: Used when vertical space is limited, or specific application requirements dictate horizontal alignment.

    Filtration Mechanism:

    Single Stage: Consists of one filtration stage, typically using one type of filter bag.
    Multi-Stage: Incorporates multiple stages of filtration, possibly using different types of filter bags or media for enhanced filtration performance.