Nylon NMO Filter Bag

  • Material: nylon fiber
  • Suitable for oil, bases, and solvent filtration
  • From 5 microns to 200 microns

A nylon filter bag is a type of filter bag that is made of nylon monofilament filter material woven by a single nylon fiber:

  1. The structure of the nylon filter bag is welded and fused or wire stitched;
  2. Nylon filter bags are available in different micron ratings, from 5 microns to 200 microns, and sizes for filtering and fining water;
  3. They are lightweight, tough, and high impact-resistant filter vessels, suitable for residential, chemical, and water applications;
  4. Nylon filter bags are also suitable for oil, bases, and solvent filtration, with a recommended operating pressure of 6 bar at 30 degrees Celsius;
  5. They are manufactured by companies that specialize in producing high-quality bag filters and cages, sophisticated and critical parts for air cleaning.
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