Duplex Bag Filter Housing

  • Good sealing effect.
  • Ultra-cost-effective filtration solution.
  • Two single bag filters.
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  • The duplex bag filter housing can be one for coarse filtration and the other for precision filtration;
  • it can also be both precision or coarse filtration.
  • The filter material of double filter housing can be filter bag or filter cartridge.
  • It is more convenient to replace the filter bag, and the operation cost is lower.
Duplex Bag Filter Housing
Duplex Bag Filter Housing drawing
Polishing type Mirror reflection
Polishing accuracy Inner wall0.3um/Outer wall0.4um
Maximum working pressure difference 1.0Mpa(10bar)
Working temperature 130℃(266℉)
Sterilization 121℃/30min
Filter housing 304/316L
Vent 304/316L
Exhaust valve clamp 304
Eye bolt 304
Sealing ring Silicon/fluorine
Feet 304
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