stainless steel multi cartridge filter housing

High Pressure Stainless Steel Multi Cartridge Filter Housing WIth Bolt Cover

Model No.: LY-FL02

  • Material: SUS304, SUS316L;
  • Max working pressure 150Psi;
  • Polishing or sandblast external surface.

The stainless steel multi cartridge filter housing is mainly composed of a filter shell, a filter element, etc. The filter shell is made of R304 stainless steel. If used in special filtration such as acid and alkali resistance, it can be used R316 stainless steel. The housing divided into flange type and clamp type, the flange type housing is mainly used in the middle of filtering flow. The filter element installed in the middle of the filter housing is mainly made of PP filter. In some cases, a string wound filter element or an activated carbon filter element can also be used. The number of filter elements is 3, 5, 7, 9 and it is mainly determined according to the size of the processing capacity.

Technical parameters:

  • Design pressure: 0.75—1.6Mpa
  • Design temperature: 20℃~120℃
  • Sealing type: O-ring and flat gasket
  • Sealing material: nitrile rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, the standard configuration is silicone seal
  • Interface form: tooth mouth, clamp, GB, HG, DIN, ANSI, JIS standard flange
  • Applicable filter element: flat and 222 and 226 socket filter elements
  • Surface treatment: matte spraying, mirror polishing, electrolytic polishing
  • Filtration accuracy: 1μm–100μm
  • Material quality: SUS304 316L
stainless steel multi cartridge filter housing-1
stainless steel multi cartridge filter housing drawing
W3L1751805501702202301 -1”1/2”1/4” -1/2”
W3L2751808001702202301 -1”1/2”1/4” -1/2
W3L37518010501702202301” -2”1/4” -1/2
W3L47518013001702202301” -2”1/4” -1/2
W5L1751805602002502601 -1”1/2”1/4” -1/2
W5L2751808102002502601 -1”1/2”1/4” -1/2
W5L37518010602002502601” -2”1/4” -1/2
W5L412022013602002502601” -2”1/4” -1/2
W7L11202206202503003101 -1”1/2”1/2”
W7L21202208702503003101 -1”1/2”1/2”
W7L312022011202503003101 1/2” -2 1/2”1/2”
W7L412022013702503003101 1/2” -2 1/2”1/2”
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