Tri Clamp Bag Filter Housing

Trip Clamp Bag Filter Housing

 Quick installation for easy integration into existing systems.

 Accommodates various standard bag filter sizes and materials.

 Captures contaminants effectively, ensuring process efficiency.

 User-friendly design minimizes downtime during maintenance.

 Withstands high operating pressures and temperatures.

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    tri clamp bag filter housing drawing
    B15003807002001701”  -4”
    B270072010502001701”  -4”
    B3350190400114973/4”  -2”
    B4500340540114973/4”  -2”

    Trip Clamp Bag Filter Housing Features Include:

    • Long-lasting corrosion-resistant stainless steel SUS304, SUS316L.
    • The sealing spring gland is firmly inserted into the center of the filter element.
    • The clamp is easy to open and close the barrel.
    • The water filter cartridge is easy to clean.
    • The exhaust hole provides the exhaust function and the barrel pressure gauge installation before the use and discharge of the barrel.
    • High temperature resistance.