top entry stainless steel bag filter housing

Top Entry Bag Filter Housing

  • Material: SUS304, SUS316L;
  • Max working pressure 300Psi;
  • Sandblast external surface.
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Product features:

  1. Filtrate flows in from the top cover to reduce turbulence and remove filtration efficiency and service life of the filter bag. The filter bag can be quickly replaced by opening the top cover.
  2. The filter bag pressure ring should be removed before being replaced to reduce the chance of secondary pollution.
  3. The filter adopts adjustable leg I, which is easy to install.The inner space is more fully used to avoid the space waste within the traditional structure.
  4. The top cover of the filter is made of europium as a whole, with a compact structure and a smooth T-channel with little resistance.
  5. The top cover is directly sealed and pressed on the filter bag, with high filtration efficiency and no leakage.
  6. The liquid inlet pipe is wide and smooth, the interior of the top li is Ming model, the liquid can be divided automatically after entering.
top entry bag filter housing
top entry bag filter housing drawing
NO. A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) F(mm) In/Out
B1 500 380 620 219 170 2”
B2 700 720 960 219 170 2”
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