Lvyuan LY-FL series sanitary filter housing are all made of high-quality 304 or 316L stainless steel materials. Each filter is carefully selected and manufactured to ensure a streamlined design without cracks. The filter has a good surface and maximum corrosion resistance to meet the quality standards to prevent bacterial contamination, can be completely removed and washed, and is easy to operate.

Product advantages

  • It can effectively filter the bacteria in the liquid;
  • It can withstand higher filtration pressure;
  • The unique deep net structure makes the filter element have a higher slag load capacity;
  • The filter element can be made of a variety of materials to meet the needs of various fluid filtration;
  • Small size, large filtering area, low resistance and long service life;
  • The inlet and outlet adopt clamp or flange connection, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfecting the equipment.