Sanitary Filter Housings

Microporous Membrane Single Sanitary Filter Housing Stainless

  • Material: SUS304, SUS316L;
  • Max working pressure 150Psi;
  • Polished finishing.
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Product Features:

The Sanitary Filter Housing Stainless is mainly used for pre-filtration and precision filtration of the sterilization liquid. The material is made of 316L or 304 stainless steel and is electrolytically polished. Durability and pit corrosion performance. The filter drain valve, air vent valve, liquid inlet and filter element socket are easy to clean, can be thoroughly sterilized and sanitary, drain liquid thoroughly, and no residual liquid.

Technical parameters:

  • Pressure: 0.75—1.6Mpa
  • Temperature: 20°C~120°C
  • Sealing type: O-ring and flat gasket Sealing material: nitrile rubber, silicone, fluorine rubber, standard configuration is silicone seal
  • Interface form: tooth mouth, clamp, GB , HG, DIN, ANSI, JIS standard flange
  • Applicable filter elements: flat and 222 and 226 socket filter elements Surface treatment: mirror polishing, electrolytic polishing
  • Filtration accuracy: 0.1μm–100μm Material: SUS304 316L.
stainless steel Sanitary Filter Housings
Sanitary Filter Housings drawing
NO. A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) F(mm) In/Out
L1 85 165 560 102 200 1/2”  -1”
L2 85 165 810 102 200 1/2”  -1”
L3 85 165 1060 102 200 1/2”  -1”
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