big blue stainless steel filter housing

Lvyuan Big Blue Stainless Steel Filter Housing 10 20 inch Whole House Filtration

  • Material: SUS 304/SUS316l.
  • Working pressure up to 300psi.
  • Quick install 4.5″ wide DOE filter element.
  • Double apron ensures perfect sealing.

Lvyuan Big Blue filter housing is constructed from high-grade stainless steel material, ensuring corrosion resistance and durability for various industrial and commercial applications. Its large capacity design accommodates more filter cartridges, extending filtration cycles and reducing the frequency of cartridge replacement, thus saving on maintenance costs. Our product boasts excellent sealing performance, effectively preventing leaks and ensuring efficient filtration. Whether used for water treatment, chemicals, or other liquids, our Big Blue filter housing meets your filtration needs and provides reliable support for your processes. Choose Lvyuan for premium filtration solutions.

working conditionsMaximum working pressure——300PSlMaximum operating temperature——-97°C
SpecificationNon-toxic material, suitable for drinking water.Material: SuS304/SUs316O-ring: Silicone, EPDM, etc,

Household: Drinking water filtration and treatment, protection of faucetsboilers, washing machines and other appliances.Industrial use: primary filtration, micro filtration: protection of pumps.heating systems, softening water quality, desalination and deoxidationequipment.

stainless steel big blue filter housing

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