mobile filtration system

Portable Trolley Pneumatic Mobile Filtration System Filter Carts

  • Designed for easy transportation and mobility.
  • Space-saving design enables efficient use of limited space.
  • Capable of filtering various fluids, such as oil, water, and chemicals.
  • Constructed with robust materials to withstand rugged conditions.
  • Equipped with high-performance filtration components.

Lvyuan takes pride in producing high-quality mobile filtration systems designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our mobile filtration systems are engineered for portability, featuring a compact design that allows for easy transportation and mobility to different job sites or locations. With versatility in mind, our systems are capable of filtering various fluids, including oil, water, and chemicals, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial and environmental applications.

Mobile Filtration System Product Parameters:

  • Flow Rate: Specifies the maximum flow capacity of the system, typically measured in gallons per minute (GPM) or liters per minute (LPM).
  • Filtration Rating: Indicates the level of filtration provided by the system, often denoted by micron size or efficiency percentage.
  • Power Source: Specifies the power requirements for operation, including options for electric, diesel, or gasoline engines, as well as battery-powered models.
  • Filtration Media: Describes the type of filter media used in the system, such as pleated cartridges, depth filters, or membrane filters.
  • Filter Housing Material: Indicates the material construction of the filter housing, commonly stainless steel, carbon steel, or reinforced plastics.
  • Mobility Features: Describes any built-in mobility features such as wheels, handles, or trailer mounts for ease of transport and maneuverability.

mobile filtration water system

    Mobile filtration system features:

    A Mobile Filtration System is a portable filtration unit that can be easily transported to various locations for use in different applications. These systems are typically designed for industrial and commercial use and are commonly used in applications such as oil and gas, construction, and mining.

    It typically consist of several filtration components, including pumps, filter housings, and filter elements. These components work together to remove contaminants from various liquids such as hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, and industrial fluids.

    Mobile Filtration Systems can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the application. Some systems are designed for high flow rates, while others are designed for specific types of fluids or to remove specific contaminants.

    One of the main advantages of a Mobile Filtration System is its portability. These systems can be easily transported to different locations, making them ideal for applications where filtration is needed in multiple locations or where a permanent filtration system is not feasible.

    Filter NameFilter 1Filter 2Filter 3Filter 4Filter 5Filter 6Filter 11Filter 12
    Filter bagBag 1Bag 2Bag 3Bag 4Bag 5Bag 6Bag 11Bag 12
    Bag specificationφ 180*430φ 180*820φ 106*230φ 106*380φ 152*510φ 230*560φ 180*430φ 230*850
    Filter area(m)
    Rated Flow(t/h)255061218254580

    Mobile Filtration System Classification:

    By Filtration Mechanism:

    Depth Filtration: Utilizes depth media such as cellulose, fiberglass, or polypropylene to trap contaminants throughout the depth of the media.
    Surface Filtration: Relies on a porous surface to capture particles on the filter surface, often using membranes or cartridges with defined pore sizes.

    By Application:

    Oil Filtration: Removes contaminants, water, and impurities from various oils, including hydraulic, lubricating, and transformer oils.
    Water Filtration: Cleans and purifies water for drinking, industrial processes, or environmental remediation.
    Air Filtration: Cleans and purifies air by removing particulates, gases, and odors, improving indoor air quality or maintaining cleanroom environments.
    Fuel Filtration: Removes contaminants and water from fuels such as diesel, gasoline, or aviation fuel to ensure engine performance and reliability.

    By Mobility:

    Portable Filtration Units: Compact systems designed for easy transportation and temporary use in different locations.
    Vehicle-Mounted Filtration Systems: Integrated into vehicles such as trucks, trailers, or skids, allowing for mobility and on-site filtration capabilities.

    By Technology:

    Bag Filtration: Uses disposable filter bags to capture contaminants, offering high dirt-holding capacity and ease of replacement.
    Cartridge Filtration: Utilizes replaceable cartridges with various media configurations for efficient particle removal.
    Membrane Filtration: Employs semi-permeable membranes to separate particles based on size, providing high purity filtration for water and other fluids.

    By Industry:

    Manufacturing: Used for process fluids, coolant filtration, and equipment maintenance in manufacturing facilities.
    Construction: Provides on-site filtration solutions for equipment maintenance, hydraulic systems, and fuel storage.
    Marine: Used onboard ships and vessels for fuel and oil purification to ensure engine performance and compliance with environmental regulations.
    Agriculture: Implements filtration systems for irrigation water, pesticide spraying, and equipment maintenance in agricultural operations.

    By Capacity:

    Small-Scale Systems: Designed for individual or small-scale applications, such as residential water filtration units or portable air purifiers.
    Medium- to Large-Scale Systems: cater to industrial and commercial applications with higher flow rates and capacity requirements, such as municipal water treatment plants or large-scale oil refining operations.

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