High Flow Filter Housing

High Flow Filter Housing

  • Hight temperature resistant
  • Acid & alkai resistant
  • Patented product
  • Organic solvents resistance
  • Equipped with Corrosion Resistand Pressure Gauge.
  • 100,000 times recycel fatigue

High Flow filter Housing uses PP/PVDF as raw material. It can be widely used sewage and Wastewater
reused, desalination, brackish Water, Acid and alkali liquid filtration in Chemical industry,  Electroplating
indust and other fields. It is character with high flow, long working life and good operation of complex liquid.

Product feature:

  1. High pressure: PP material filter pressure is 0.8 MPa; PVDF material filter pressure is 1.0 MPa;
  2. High temperature resistance: PP material filter temperature resistance up to 65 ℃, PVDF material
  3. filter temperature resistance up to 100 ℃;
  4. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance, Chemical industry,
  5. electroplating and other fields;
  6. High precision, the filter range can be from 0.5~200um.
  7. Easy to install and disassemble.
High Flow water Filter Housing
High Flow water Filter Housing
TypeMaterialSizeL1(mm)L2(mm)In/Out(mm)Max pressure
PF20-CPP/PVDFØ225-H1117 525 588525588FLG:DN50/




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