Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Hand Trolley Stainless Steel Filter Housing

  • Light and portable, low noise;
  • Precise one to three-stage filter system;
  • Installed with well-sealed anti-explosion electric control cabinet.

Hand trolley stainless steel 10 microns housing filter 1~7 stage 304 316L cartridge water filter system with gas air driven pump. Movable filter is composed of prefilter, oil pump and filtration unit, prefilter for a metal netting, to prevent the large solid into the pump, oil pump is usually gear pump, to convey the unpurified oil into the filtration device.The filter device is a small manual compression plate and frame filter press, using special filter paper as a filter medium. This kind of oil filter machine can remove the solid impurities and a small amount of water, it is suitable for the general electric oil and lubricating oil refining.


  1. SS filter housing
  2. Discharge valve
  3. Combination valve
  4. Pressure gauge
  5. Pump
  6. Motor
  7. Rough filter
  8. Magnetic filter
  9. In-line filter
  10. Flow gauge
  11. Electrical apparatus & elements
SS filter housing
Product materialStainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L
Housing surface treatmentInternal and external mirror polishing
Pump typePneumatic pump/Customized
Pump materialAlloy;Stainless steel 304;Stainless steel 316L; PP
Filtration stage1 to 8 Stage; Customized
Filter elements typeCartridge filters; Bag filters
Filter elemetns sizeCartridge filters: 10/20/30/40 inch Bag filters: #1/#2/#3/#4
Filter element code222/226/DOE
Silicone/PTFE/EPDM/Fluorine rubberSilicone/PTFE/EPDM/Fluorine rubber
Filtration microns0.01-100μm
Capacity0-48000L/H (Single pump)
Working temperature0-100℃
Working pressure0-1.0Mpa
Inlet & outlet size1/2”, 3/8”, 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/2”, 2”
PackagingExport standard Wooden box


  • It can trasfered oil from a long distance and high lift, no need of filter paper, cheap and environmental.
  • Precise one to three-stage filter system to remove solid mechanical partidulates and other impurities.
  • The machine is installed with well-sealed anti-explosion electric control cabinet (Optional).
  •  Filter housing body device main parts adopt stainless steel material, to ensure this machine can run safely with high performance and can continuously run about hundreds hour, the pedestal sandblasting processing, it is long service life, corrosion resistance, no pollution oil.
  • It includes a special gear wheel drove by electric machinery, it has features of low noise, good self-priming and stable performance.
  • Excess flow protection device has been fitted in high pressure pipelines to protect hydraulic system.
  • It is consist of two grades to sift the procedure of examming precisely after the pump, make the oil reach very high cleanness degree.
  • According to different requirements, the filter precision can be selected to reach different rate.
  • With quick-opening structure on the filter body, the filter elements can be replaced conviniently without any other tools, the pressure gauge on the panel indicates system state and pollution degree of filter element continuously.
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