PP Melt Blown filter Cartridge

PP Melt Blown filter Cartridge For Water Filtration

  • 100% polypropylene raw material
  • Filtration efficiency: About 99%
  • Filtration precision: 0.5 , 1 , 3, 5 , 10 , 20 , 30 , 40 , 50 to 75 microns
  • Filter element length: 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″, 50″, 60″
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Lvyuan pp melt blown filter cartridge series makes from 100% pure polypropylene raw material. This filter cartridge is random to form 3D micro pore which will make the cartridge 3 layers with fine fibers in surface and coarse fiber and deep filtration.

It can remove contaminant effectively, such as suspended substance, particulate and rust, providing efficient filtration and long service life.

pp filter

How We Ensure Our quality?

filter Lvyuan

3 Layers Filter Structure

The unique gradual deep filtration forms a three-dimensional filter residue effect and has a large dirt holding capacity; it prevents large particles such as rust, sand and block water

Hight Strength

Not easy to deformation

Good adsorption

PP FILTER strength

When We Change To Chang PP Filter?

Fiber media Polypropylene
Middle core Polypropylene/None
Code DOE,SOE,customized
Inner diameter 20 mm,  28 mm, 30 mm, 200 mm, customized
Outer diameter 60 mm, 63 mm , 65 mm, 110 mm, 115 mm, customized
Length 10/20/30/40 inch or customized
Max.differential pressure 3.5 bar at 20℃
Max. operating temperature 82℃
Replacement differential pressure 1-1.5bar

PP Surface

Orange peel surface





Orange peel


1.RO water pre treatment in municipal tap water
2.Industry water,plating filtration
3.Food and beverage
4.Sterile water and ultra pure water pre filtration
5.Chemical and solvent water
6.Sea water desalination

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We would make the sizes according to your requirements.

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