Multimedia Stainless steel mechanical filter housing

  • Quick-opening mechanism
  • Good-to-excellent corrosion resistance
  • Polished or sandblast external surface

A multimedia stainless steel mechanical filter housing is a type of filter housing that uses multiple filter media to remove suspended impurities and clarify water:

  1. These filter housings are made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes them suitable for use in harsh environments;
  2. They are designed to handle high turbidity water and effectively remove suspended impurities;
  3. These filter housings can be used with various filter media and are safe for use with a variety of chemicals and products flowing through it;
  4. The stainless steel components are corrosion-resistant and make the filter units easy to clean;
  5. These filter housings are commonly used in the water treatment industry to remove impurities from water;
  6. They are an effective way to ensure the quality of the final product by removing contaminants from the fluid stream.
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