Stainless steel precision filter, as known as stainless steel filter cartridge housing, stainless steel security filter housing. It is composed of 2 parts, one part is filter cartridges, the other part is stainlesss steel filter housing body. They can be single cartridge filter housing, and multi cartridge filter housings,multi filter cartridges can be 3 elements to 120 elements or more. The security filter housing can be replaced by different filter cartridges, e.g.: PP melt blown filter cartridges, string wound filters, titanium filter cartridges, pleated water filters, sea water filter cartridges, stainless filters and so on. The filter cartridges length from 10 inch to 60 inch. Which kind of filter cartridges are used according to customers’ requirements. It depended on the water flow rate per hour, the filtration liquid and the request after filtration.
It can be hold up many impurities after it worked long time, at the same time, the operating rate will be reduced, the security filter housing and filter cartridges need to be clean after some time, so how to replace the filter cartridges for the security filter housing?

Steps for cleaning security filter housing:
1) Stop the machine, unload the upper cover.
2) Unscrew the nut, take down the filter cartridges, flush the inner filter housing body by water.
3) Take down the filter cartridges fixed end cap, clean by water.
4) Put new water filter cartridges to the bottom hole.
5) Put the pressing plate,insert the upper positioning ring of the filter cartridge into the corresponding pressure plate hole, tighten the nuts.
6) Put the upper cover on the SS filter housing, starting up the machine, and let water flow.
7) Open inlet water valve, drain valve, and vent. When the stainless steel filter housing is full of water, check the water outlet port, to see if there is any white foam, the security filter housing can be used in normally if without any white foam.

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