Our lives and our diet is all relative with filtration, e.g,: Food and beverage, chemical industry, Petroleum filtration industry, Oil filter industry, Medical industry, Textile products industry. The SS filter housing is SS304 and 316L for main raw materials, so the filter housing is strong and durable use, the using time without fixed time of years,but how long replace the filter cartridges for SS filter housing? And what do we need to pay attention to replace the filter cartridges?

It is mainly depends on the using strength and if the filter cartridges is in good maintenance.In normally, the filter cartridges have deformation or damage, they needs to be replace. When the filtration accuracy of the filter housing is reduced, and the water outlet requirements can not be met, or lower water quality, it is also needs to be replace.There without any fixed time of months to replace the filter cartridges, as long as the filter housings and filter cartridges with a good maintenance,it can make the filter housings and filter cartridges have a good use and longer life. Some kinds of filter cartridges can be used over 1 year, but some kinds of filter cartridges only can be used one or two months, therefore, in practical using application, different filtration requirements will have different use results.

While we replace the filter cartridges, we should know the precautions:

  • Choose the correct water flow rate, filtration accuracy and length filter cartridges.
  • The filter cartridges if it is fragile, when we take them out or put them into the housing, we should be careful.
  • When we replace or clean the filter cartridges, it must not be deformation or damage, otherwise, the filtration accuracy will be reduced, it can not be reached the requested filtration result.It should be changed if the filter cartridges in deformation or damage.
  • Please do not re-use after you replaced the filter cartridges.

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