The stainless steel water filter housing is composed of a outer case, filter cartridges, a backwash mechanism and a differential pressure controller. The stainless steel water filter housing is divided into an upper and a lower body by a diaphragm in the filter housing.The upper body is included with muitiple filter cartridges, which make full use of the filter housing space and reduce the volume of the filter housing. The lower part of filter housing body with a backwash suction plate.

The advantages of the stainless steel filter housing:

1) Stable filtration effect.
2) Stainless steel cartridge filter housing adopts SS304 and 316L for raw materials, high strength, high filtration accuracy, and the corrosion resistance.
3) To meet different water flow rate per hour.
4) In-depth filtration, excellent blocking ability.
5) The structure design of stainless steel filter housing is compact and reasonable, it covers a small area, it is good for installation and movement.
6) Simple and easy operation, convinient maintenance for end users.
7) The filter housing system has low operating cost, reliable performance, and the life span for more than 5 years.
8) The filter cartridge housing can be widely used in different industries, e.g.: Chemical industry, electric power industry, steel machinery manufacturing, food and beverage industry, Reverse osmosis pre water treatment plant, milk or beer filtration industry, plastic industry, papermaking industry, Drinking water industry, Petrochmicals industry, etc.

Our factory can manufacture different specification SS filter housings to meet different demand.We can design the cartridge filter housings based on different flow rate and the working pressure.So, pls contact us without any hestitate and let us know your any ideas for the stainless steel filter housing.