The stainless steel bag filter is a multi-purpose filtering device with novel structure, small volume, energy saving, high efficiency, simple and sensitive operation, air-tightness and strong applicability. SS304/SS316L Stainless steel bag filter is a new type of water/wine/juice/liquid filter system. The stainless steel bag filter is supported by the stainless steel mesh basket, the liquid flows in from the water inlet into the filter bag, and then flows out from the outlet. The impurities are blocked in the filter bag. And the stainless steel filter housing can be long term used. The filter bag is washable or replaced.

stainless bag filter
stainless steel bag filter housing

When the pressure gauge on the top of the stainless steel bag filter housing appears 3.5-4 bar or the differential pressure on the back of the fine filter top reaches 0.8 bar, It shows that the 304/316L SS bag filter is polluted and blocked. The process of replacing or cleaning the stainless steel bag filter is as follows:

1. Shut down the entire system
2. Close the inlet valve (self-cleaning filter front water valve)
3. Loosen the upper flange screw, turn the first round of the rocker arm to make the upper cover flange 5 cm away from the lower flange, and then roll the rocker arm to remove the head from the cylinder, so that people can go in to clean or replace the filter bag.
4. Open the bottom side sewage outlet to clean the bag filter housing.
5. Loosen the filter bag fasteners and remove the filter bag.
6. Rinse the filter bag with water until it is clean or directly replace the filter bag.
7. Clean the inner wall of the ss stainless steel bag filter housing/vessel with water, remove the dirt, flush the dirt through the sewage outlet, tighten the drain plug, and then put the new filter bag into the stainless bag basket, and then fix the filter bag with fastener.
8. Move the rocker arm to align the bonnet flange with the cylinder flange, turn the first wheel of the rocker arm, press the upper flange and the lower flange, pay attention to the correct sealing ring, do not shift, and then tighten the screw.

That’s how to clean and replace the stainless steel bag filter. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.